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After nine months of unpleasant exchanges and legal fees, we were no further forward in our negotiations.

Your insights and quick grasp of the key issues allowed us to settle this long-standing dispute within one day.

Our mediators

The breadth of our mediators’ professional experience and their complementary skills make BetterWay Mediation an ideal choice for mediating disputes in a wide range of areas. Our personalised approach to mediation enables us to adapt to the circumstances of each case and to mediate effectively, whatever the level of complexity or value of the dispute.

Sarah Faulder

Sarah’s background, firstly as a solicitor in private practice and then as a senior executive in the music industry before joining the publishing industry, has resulted in her developing considerable expertise in copyright, music and publishing business and related regulatory issues, both nationally and internationally. She combines her natural empathy and listening skills with her professional understanding of the issues at stake to facilitate a positive outcome to disputes.

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Tina Vadaneaux

Tina uses a mediation approach that draws upon her many years’ experience negotiating multi-party, multi-national commercial and financial agreements for major projects in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. The combination of her natural ability to facilitate discussion and provide objective clarity, and the skills learned as a financial advisor in helping parties generate win-win solutions, make her an effective mediator with great sensitivity to cultural differences.

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Simon Carne

Simon qualified as an accredited mediator, having previously led the UK forensic accounting practice at one of the Big Four accounting firms. He has more than 25 years’ dispute resolution experience, acting as an expert, adviser or mediator. He experienced the High Court from the litigant's perspective, when the Residents’ Management Company he chairs found itself in litigation with a multi-national corporation. Ultimately, they found a mutually beneficial settlement on terms that worked for both parties in a way that could not have been achieved by a court order.

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